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022年7月31日(日)に発売予定のLeadの20周年ベストアルバム「Lead the Best “導標”」の初回限定盤のDISCのうち1枚は、Leadを応援して頂いている皆様と作りたいと思います。

2022年4月28日(木)〜2022年6月9日(木)の期間、次の主要音楽ストリーミングサービス11社(Apple Music / Amazon Music / AWA / KKBOX / Spotify /Tower Record Music / dヒッツ / YouTube Music / LINE MUSIC / Rakuten Music / RecMusic)(※五十音順)でストリーミング再生されたLead楽曲の再生数を集計し、(シングル曲以外の)上位曲をCDの収録時間(DISC 1枚分)の許す限り収録予定です。集計が終わり次第、CDの収録内容として公開いたします。

Popular songs aggregate campaign on streaming sites with Leaders!

Lead’s 20th anniversary best album 「Lead the Best “Michishirube”」, to be released on Sunday, July 31st, 2022, in the first limited edition DISC We’d like to include one of the songs that are regularly listened to by our fans.

From April 28th, 2022 to Jun 9th, 2022, the following 11 major music streaming services (Apple Music / Amazon Music / AWA / dHITS / KKBOX / LINE MUSIC / Rakuten Music / RecMusic / Spotify / Tower Record Music / YouTube Music ) (*ABC order), and the top songs (other than single songs) will be included as long as the CD’s recording time (equivalent to one DISC) allows. When the tally is complete, we will publish the CD’s content.
We would like to take this opportunity of our 20th anniversary to record our favorite songs on a CD, so we hope you will continue to listen to the Lead recommended songs that each and every Leaders has a special place in their hearts.